Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to our new website at REI and our first true BLOG!!!! Please check out the ABOUT US section to learn a little more about the purpose of our company. As far as our new website, we hope you find it attractive, to the point, easy to use and informative! We hope the site helps you to build relationships with people that care about your possibilities, the good ones AND the bad ones. It’s a huge goal of ours to make sure that with proper planning everything can turn positive in the end (there’s that Ripple Effect again!).

I’m also a little embarrassed to say that our motivation for forming this company was actually a bit selfish. That is, it came from the realization that you get way more from giving then you ever got from getting. Hopefully you see things that way as well!

Either way we welcome your feedback on the new site and on the business. Thanks for visiting!

– Dan